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5% Nutrition - 51 50 - Pre-Workout

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The Rich Piana owned 5% Nutrition is nothing if not thorough with 5150 their third preworkout in a lineup of products that is not even into double digits. While their original Pre-Workout 'Kill It' is a balanced blend of energy and muscle pumps and mentality is geared towards great focus and mind-muscle connection, 5150 is the one in this group with a singleminded focus on one objective - delivering outrageous energy to make you want to tear up the gym.

5150 Uses 8 Sources of Caffeine

With 8 different forms of caffeine, yes EIGHT, 5150 delivers 400mg of caffeine in each scoop. By utilising so many sources the effect of caffeine will be more sustained than the typical spike and subsequent crash which can happen when caffeine anhydrous is dosed by itself. 5150 includes a number of natural sources of caffeine such as from green tea and guarana extract so the feel of this is not as harsh but it still delivers a strong surge of energy as you would expect with such a dose.

Focus and Mind-Muscle Connection

5150 isn't just about energy though, by including N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine you benefit from tyrosine's unique ability to act as an amplifier of caffeine's energy and focus enhancing properties. While tyrosine itself has this benefit the N-Acetyl form used in 5150 works even better. 

5150 next adds in Choline Bitartrate which is very much the focus supplement in vogue right now. The best way to describe its effects is to imagine the mental equivalent of how a cold shower wakes you up in a hurry. In other words you will feel sharper and have better concentration from using 5150 thanks to the choline.

Muscle Pumps and Endurance

No preworkout would be complete without something for pumps and with a hefty 4 grams of Citrulline, equivalent to 8 grams of Citrulline Malate, 5150 includes a clinically proven ingredient which has been shown to increase vasodilation, improve the delivery of oxygen to muscles and thereby improve muscle endurance. When you add in a dose of Niacin it complements the Citrulline to increase your vascularity and muscle pumps while training.

The 5150 formula is rounded off by the inclusion of vitamin B12, a natural stim-free energy source, Taurine which acts in a synergystic fashion with caffeine to support performance.