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Some popular bodybuilding blogs claim S23 is a drug that provides the same strength gains and fat loss as steroids without any nasty side effects–but there are a few things to be aware of... watch our full video here to see Adi explain everything you need to know about it: 

S23 offers LEAN GAINS, FATLOSS, VASCULARITY, BIGGER PUMPS, STRENGTH INCREASES... but it is more suppressive than most sarms, so it should be ran with a testosterone booster like TRIBULUS or our best selling All-in-one, containing the strong natural testosterone booster DAA... SLEEP-ER, which is available on our store.

A good PCT is also recommended... either a double dose of our best selling PCT (2 bottles taken over 4 weeks instead of 1 bottle) or speak to Jake about other options via our contact page.

FULL PCT INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/gtctoGa_vT0

Each Tablet is 10mg, and the suggested dose is 1-2 tablets a day for 8-12 weeks, THIS IS A VERY STRONG SARM AND A LOT MORE SUPPRESSIVE TO YOUR NATURAL TESTOSTERONE, SO NO HIGHER AND NO LONGER!

For a stronger cycle, try running it with RAD140 at 10mg a day with 20mg a day of S23, rather than going abover 20mg a day of S23